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“ I am just speechless! You have the best customer service. I appreciate all you do. I love your chocolates and I will keep coming back. Thank you so much.”

Vanessa Gilmor

“ From the moment I touched this chocolate to my tongue, I was in heaven, never to love another more. Truly magical and pure talent when it comes to taste.”

Peggy Harvey

“ I love your chocolates and started sharing your products with friends. Now they’ve come to expect that I have ChocoRocco whenever there is a holiday.”

Doreen Bass

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“We create edible gifts based on our deep knowledge of food chemistry science. Most important rule? use the best quality. Second rule? respect this quality.” Theo Aggelis, founder

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Our mission is to create high-quality products and develop original and unique quality recipes with complex yet balanced flavours. We have developed high expertise, mastering the art of chocolate, thus becoming one of the top companies in its industry. Driven by : ​ Passion for the big ideas and offering people joy! ​ Ethic philosophy through the whole processes and production. ​ Last but not least..LOVE for chocolate!! ​ ​ We believe in : Knowledge, ​ Best quality, ​ Authenticity and Ethics.

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